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Wedding Planning Questions

The following pages are questions and answers that we were ask to answer in a segment from a book titled "Expert Wedding Advice From The Pros"that will be published by Thomson Media Publishing, and will be available world wide include from the worlds #1 book seller
  1. How far in advance should a couple book their DJ?

  2. Normally our customer's book anywhere from 1 to 2+years in advance. In doing so, they can assure they have more options in obtaining the exact DJ they would like from R4R Entertainment, the venue and desired location of their choice. When a customer delays for whatever reason with the planning of their Wedding it limits their options and normally a customer may be dissatisfied when it comes to what Wedding DJs may be left available for their date.

    R4R Entertainment recommends the sooner you know when you want to get married this would be a good time to starting reserving all your entertainment professionals you may need. We have helped many couples when it comes to last minute Wedding bookings and the planning of such events but we cannot guarantee a specific DJ choice for our customer's. However, we will schedule an appropriate DJ that is available for their wedding date.

  3. Are all DJs required to have Insurance?

  4. There is no set requirement per say but most venues require any and all entertainment professional that provide a service in their establishment to be insured. If you're an entertainment professional such as a DJ, we highly recommend that you are insured. This protects the customer and the entertainment company. If a DJ is NOT insured there is no guarantee to be compensated for damages if an incident arises.

  5. What type of insurance should couples check to make sure their DJs have?

  6. Couples should make sure that their DJ has a current Liability Insurance Certificate. (If your DJ provider isn't insured you are not protected if an incident may occur). Under this certificate the couples chosen DJ should have coverage limits for General and if necessary, Automobile Liability protection also:

    • Each Occurrence
    • Damage to Rented Premises
    • Medical Expense (Any one person)
    • Personal & ADV Injury
    • General Aggregate
    • Products – Comp/ OP AGG
    • Property Damage

    NOTE: R4R Entertainment has a $2,000,000.00 coverage policy compared to some entertainment companies that carry a $1,000,000.00 policy. We are covered for General and Automotive for our customer's protection and ours.

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