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Feedback Satisfaction Survey

Our Feedback Satisfaction Survey has 3 Sections. Section 1 is your information. Section 2 is the survey on our quality, and the 3rd Section
is about our Photographers, Face Painters etc.. If you did not get any of our vendor services you can skip Section 3.

Section 1 Your Information

Your Name (including organization name if applicable): 

Your Phone: 

Your E-mail: 

Your Event Date: 

Your Event Type: 

If other Please Tell us What: 

Event Location: 

Section 2 The Survey

When filling out our satisfaction survey please rate us from 0-5.
  • 0. N/A.
  • 1. Needs Improvement
  • 2. Poor.
  • 3. Fair.
  • 4. Good.
  • 5. Excellent.

How was the quality of customer service over the telephone? 

How was the quality of our E-mails? 

How was the quality of customer service at the event? 

Did you like our overall customer service? 

Would you recommend our services to other people? 

How were we at helping you plan your event? 

What would you say was the promptness of our DJ? 

How would you say our DJ was dressed for the event/party? 

Was our DJ friendly with everyone? 

How would you rate the professionalism of our DJ? 

How did our DJ perform at your party/event? 

Did you like our overall DJ setup and look? 

Did our DJ play any of your requests? 

How was our overall sound quality? 

How was the volume level? 

Was the website easy to use and navigate? 

How did you like the look of our website? 

Did our website have all of the information you needed? 

Is there anything specific that we can improve on or that you especially liked?

Do you have any additional comments or suggestions (like any ideas to implement in our DJ music show performances)?

May we share your answers and comments with others? 

May we add you to our list of references? 

How did you find us and who do we thank for the recommendation? 

What did you type in the Yahoo search Bar. 
What is the name of the friend that recommended us. 
What is the name of the family member that recommended us. 
If other please explain. 

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