R4R Copyrighted Letterhead

Feel free to fill out our career opportunity application online or print it out and mail it back to us.

Career Opportunity Application

Section 1

First Name:    
Middle Inital:    
Last Name:   

Stage Name /Nick Name:  
Date of Birth:  

Home Phone:  
Business/Cell Phone:  

How Long at Current Address:  

E-Mail Address:  
Social Security #:  

What Position are you applying for?:
DJ Photographer Dancer Videographer Musician (Specify)

MC Marketing Other   (Specify)

Rate Your Level of Experience:
Expert Intermediate Novice
Have you performed in public before?

How long have you been performing?
Where have you performed?

If you sing, what's your vocal range?   (e.g. Soprano, Alto, Bass, etc.)

If you've worked with DJ, Photography, Videography or similar equipment, please list the type of equipment and how used.

Do you own your own equipment?  If so, please list:

How did you hear about R4R Entertianment?

Other Prior work Experience:

From:    To:   Employer:    Phone#:   

From:    To:   Employer:    Phone#:   

From:    To:   Employer:    Phone#:   

Are there other talents or skills you have to bring to R4R Entertainment? (e.g. graphic design, marketing experience, staging, etc.)

Section 2

Trade Schools Attended:   From:   To: 


Trade Schools Attended:   From:   To: 


Other References:
 Name:     Phone #: 

 Name:     Phone #: 

 Name:     Phone #: 

Have you ever been convicted of or plead guilty to a crime?    If yes, please specify the following information below:

Charge Date Disposition Current Status

What is your availability? 

Do you drive?    Do you have your own means of transportation? 

If under 18 yrs. of age, your parents' permission will be required. Is a parent willing to sign a permission/release form? 

In 200 words or less, please tell us about your life, music ventures and dreams. Please include any videos, music, portfolio, press kit, etc. that illustrates your talent(s).

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